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Высоцкий, "Баллада о Любви"... На английском!

Winds of Love inspired darlings so
That they even from the dead retrieved -
If you never loved then you should know
That you never breathed nor ever lived!

Самая красивая песня о любви, на мой взгляд, "Баллада о Любви" Высоцкого. Потрясающие стихи...

Я Высоцкого раньше не понимала и даже сейчас далеко не все понимаю и принимаю в его творчестве. На "Балладу о Любви" наткнулась в 15 лет, когда впервые прочитала мою любимую книгу - "По ту сторону рассвета" Ольги Брилевой (Чигиринской). Там отрывок из нее стоит эпиграфом. Нашла песню, вслушалась и поняла... о любви никто другой не сказал лучше.

Недавно я задумалась, а перевел ли кто эту песню на английский? Не сомневаясь, что перевод все равно будет из рук вон плохой, я принялась за его поиски.
И вот что я нашла - очень даже качественный, не дословный, но очень точный по смыслу перевод. Сначала музыка резала слух, но, в итоге, роковая версия очень даже неплоха, решила я.

Музыка и исполение Майкла Охлссона, перевод а английский Георгия Токарева.

The ballad of Love

The Flood had just returned to ocean quarters,
The olive twigs were gotten by the dove,
And off the foam of retreating waters
Ashore crept something by the name of Love,
And then for many centuries this squatter
Dissolved and faded in the air above...

Since then you always see a pair who has
Inhaled into their hearts this toxic gas;
Their lives continue in the usual rhythm -
Anticipating nothing to occur
They suddenly start breathing in accord
With someone else’s hot, uneven breathing...

Feeling’s born. It should not come and go,
And we all must realize its gist -
If you say “I love” - it means as though
You would say “I breathe” or “I exist”.

And there will be lots of far-off missions -
The land of Love is an enormous land.
The knights of Love are tested by partitions,
‘Cause Love and Parting go hand in hand;
Love always brings the knights to full submission,
Yet no repose, no rest these knights demand.

But having lost their heads they go on,
And even ready their lives to pawn,
Appalled by nothing, be it dire or gruesome,
They only want to save a magic thread,
Which has begun invisibly to spread,
To stretch and string between the loving twosome...

Winds of Love inspired darlings so
That they even from the dead retrieved -
If you never loved then you should know
That you never breathed nor ever lived!

But in their love a lot of darlings choked,
They went away and back they never came.
With blood and tears their stories soaked,
But gossip never spared their names,
Though only love their deadly end provoked -
Let’s kindle in their honor candle flames...

Their souls roam through the grassy dales,
Their voices merge into harmonic scales,
They breathe in the eternity together...
They meet each other on the narrow trails,
On shaky bridges over misty vales,
On crossroads of the Universe they gather...

Leave the lovers in the fields alone,
Wish they’d never finish their song...
If I breathe - it means that I’m in love,
I’m in love - it means that I’m alive!

© George Tokarev. Translation, 2001
Edited by Robert Titterton

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