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JUNTO A = by in Spanish.

Ещё немного испанского :) Может быть, он кому-то пригодится.
Мне скоро можно будет учебник издавать по письмам этого Хосе, испанца, безвозмездно согласившегося меня учить.

JUNTO A - предлог, который я долго не могла понять. Значит "около", "поблизости"

JUNTO A can mean NEAR, but they don't always coincide. A better English word would mean BY. You know, "I'm by the door", "I'm walking by the beach". I'm sure you know what I mean =)
Аrticles do appear when you use junto. AL is a combination of preposition and article:
AL = A (preposition) + EL (masculine article)
There's no combination of A + LA, so you put it separatedly. In short:

AL + masculine noun
A LA + femenine noun

Мужской и женский род существительных.

You might have been taught that words ending in -A are femenine. That's not true. Most of them do, but it's not a rule you can always follow. MAPA (map), for example, is masculine. In the same way, femenine nouns can end in a different vowel than -A, as RADIO. Unfortunately, you have to learn that by heart. But in short:

Most of words ending in -A are femenine. But not all. Some (a few, luckily) might be masculine.

Компьютер. Разные слова в американском и испанском вариантах языка.
- What is the best word for the computer: ordenador or computadora?
- And the best word for computer is ORDENADOR. COMPUTADORA is also valid, but you'll sound South-American.
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