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 ЖЖ глючит и не хочет делать нормальную ссылку :(( Так что, сорри за это HTML-безобразие

А вот и lyrics

No Hablo Ingles lyrics

My teacher asked me where my homework was and that's when I told her
"No Hablo Ingles"
Policeman got me doin' 90 and that's when he pulled me over
"No Hablo Ingles"
A hippy with a tambourine askin' me if I could spare a dollar
*No Hablo Ingles"
Some douche bag at the club tries to pick a fight and grabs my collar
"No Hablo Ingles"

When I’m not feelin' it
When someone's full o' shit
When I get cut up at the bar
To make a getaway
It's all you gotta say
Quattro, Sinco, Ses

No Hablo Ingles!(x4)

My nephew asked me if I’d take him to the Jonas Brothers movie
"No Hablo Ingles"
Walking my dog I saw a sign that says "Hey Please Pick Up The Doody"
"No Hablo Ingles"
My mom gets mad cause I never call my dad on his birthday
"No Hablo Ingles"
A guy walks up and says "Donde esta casa de pepe?"
He no habla ingles!

So many different uses
You don't need no excuses
It's as easy as the third grade
The perfect getaway
It's all you gotta say
Quattro, Sinco, Ses

No Hablo Ingles!

Did you brush your teeth?
"No Hablo Ingles"
Where did you leave your pants?
"No Hablo Ingles"
Did you feed the fish?
"No Hablo Ingles"
Do you like my band?
Wait....don't answer that!

No Hablo Ingles!

Do you wanna buy some girl scout cookies?
"No Hablo Ingles"
Did one of you guys pee in the pool?
"No Hablo Ingles"
Hey how about we all get together and go to the ballet?
"No Hablo Ingles"
Can I borrow that beer?


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May. 3rd, 2010 07:48 pm (UTC)
хороший метод решения проблем) а главное, можно менять по ситуации
no hablo ingles/ruso/ и т. д.))
May. 3rd, 2010 07:51 pm (UTC)
Вот! Хоть кто-то понимает прикол:))
А я уж думала, все френды так и пройдут мимо :)
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